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Cart-On-Rent for Education, Charities or Non-Profit Organizations

Cart on Rent Pvt Ltd is very proud to support Education, Charities & non-profit organizations around the world that seek to better platform to encourage their social good. The eligible organizations may receive a flat 25% discount off of on Cart on Rent - SMART (annual) plan.

Eligible Organizations

In general, organizations are eligible to receive a non-profit discount if they are a nongovernmental organization recognized as a non-profit or charitable entity in their home country. Public and non-profit private educational institutions are also eligible to receive the non-profit discount.

  • Some Examples of Eligible Organizations
    • Public or private Primary and Secondary Schools.
    • Organizations working for Physically Challenged People.
    • Organizations working for Ex-defence Personals & Old Age People.
    • Organizations working for betterment of Ignorant Part Of Society.
    • Organizations working for Animals.
    • Organizations working for Rural Empowerments.

Obtaining the Non-profit Discount

In order to obtain the non-profit discount, please complete the Discount Request Form for review and approval by the company. As part of that request form, you will need to provide evidence of your eligibility. This evidence may be one or more of the following list mentioned below:

  • A link to a webpage on your website describing your nongovernmental, non-profit status;
  • A link to a third-party webpage, such as your government taxation agency, where your organization is listed or can be searched for or
  • A scanned original document certifying your organization's non-profit status.

If you have additional questions, contact us at [email protected]

Determination of eligibility for the discount program is at company's sole discretion and company reserves the right to refuse inclusion in the discount program to any person or organization for any reason.

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